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Fiber Optic End Fixtures

Crystal End Fixtures

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PMMA Fiber Optics are top choice for creating star ceiling,night sky simulations,as well as other decorative lighting effects. To create a vivid star ceiling lighting effect, the simple and cost-effective way is to use Polymer Optical Fibers to illuminate little crystal ceiling fixtures and fittings.

The brightness of the crystals depends partly on what light source is used to illuminate them and partly on the size of fiber used to carry the light from the light source to the crystal. Larger diameter fibres - such as 6mm - carry more light and we offer it in multi-strand and solid core end glow.

Like all our end fittings, no electricity or heat is output from the fitting, so they are safe for use in wet or humid areas and specific models are suitable for use in high-traffic walkover areas.

fiber optic end fittings

Sample application:

· Marker lighting for pathways and entrances.

· Wall washing, inside or out.

· Uplighting columns and archways.

· Mood lighting in any room, including wet rooms and pool areas.