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how to install a fiber optic star ceiling kit?

Everybody wants to have an unique bedroom with starry ceiling lighting. Designing your own star ceiling has never been easier. But how to install a fiber optic star ceiling? Is there any tips on installing fiber optic stars in a sheet rock or finished ceiling? Today we are going to offer you some ideas about Fiber Optic Ceiling.

First off, you'll need to do some research on the type of lighting that you want to use, as well as the surface area you wish to cover. There are several home-theater packages that come with everything you need to deploy lit fibers into a ceiling. There are basically two primary items that are required: the light-source and the fibers. Illuminators primarily fall into two categories: halogen and LED. The halogen rigs almost always use a flicker-wheel to produce the twinkle effect. LED light-sources can use both the flicker-wheel setup as well as a timer-controlled 'blink'. I found a few videos of these on-off LED Illuminators and they did not appear very natural.

we can chose an LED light-source with a flicker wheel. This has two-light barrels, which allows for a more random twinkle than the single-output light-boxes. I ordered two bundles feet of fiber, in three different sizes. Twelve feet was enough to cover the area in which I was working.

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