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how to install fiber optic lighting for your pool

Owning a pool comes with many responsibilities. You need to repair and replace things, and the pool lighting is no different. When you have to replace the lights, you might as well consider replacing them with fiber optic pool lighting. Fiber optic pool lighting is great because it is completely waterproof, rarely wears out, and can be arranged in designs and patterns. Today we would like to show you how to replace your current pool lights with fiber optic pool lighting.

Step 1 - Safety First

Even though fiber optic pool lighting emits no heat, you still need to be cautious about the electrical current that you will encounter with the old pool lights. Make sure the electricity is turned off to the pool. You will need to empty the pool of all of the water. Use the wet vacuum to remove any water that is remaining in the bottom of the pool. When working inside the pool, always have the grounding strap connected to a piece of metal.

Step 2 - Connect the Lighting System

The fiber optic pool lighting kit will come with a lighting box. The box produces the light, which is pushed through the fiber optic cables. Follow the instructions that came with your particular kit, as they may be as simple as installing batteries or wiring directly to the circuit breaker. Test the light box by simply turning it on.

Step 3 - Access the Pool Lights

In order to install fiber optic pool lighting without much hassle you will need access the lights that are already installed. With the pool drained, the lights will be obvious. Use the screwdriver to remove the covers over the existing lights. Remove the existing bulb and the fixture it attached to can be removed by pulling it out. A lens and lens cover may also be in these alcoves, which typically clip in place; remove them. The fiber optic pool lighting will be installed in these areas. If the kit you purchased uses small light boxes, you can install the entire unit where the fixtures are placed.

Step 4 - install the Fiber Optic Pool Lighting

Self-contained units have to place the light boxes inside the light fixtures. Secure the fiber optic pool lighting inside the light domes and secure in place. This type of light kit typically uses solar power to avoid constant battery changes. The fiber optic cables are attached to the main box. Use the threading tool to push the fiber optic cables through the wire channels of the pool until they are exposed out of the light fixture. Test the installation, and if all is well you can replace the cover and plates that you previously removed.


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