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Fiber Optic Lighting Kits

  • Fiber Optic Sensory Kit
  • Fiber Optic Sensory Kit
  • Fiber Optic Sensory Kit
Fiber Optic Sensory KitFiber Optic Sensory KitFiber Optic Sensory Kit

Fiber Optic Sensory Kit

  • Fiber:PMMA
  • Fiber Diameter:3x0.75mm
  • Fiber Strands: 225PCs
  • Fiber Length: 4m
  • Product description: Buy standard and customized Fiber Optic Sensory & Therapy UV Lighting Kit with 3W,5W,16W,27W,45W LED light source Illuminator from China Sparkle UV Fiber Optic Sensory Lighting Kit supplier & factory.

Bones Industry Co., Ltd is China largest factory & supplier of PMMA fiber optic lighting kits,fiber optic sensory lights for star ceiling,starry pool lighting & multi-sensory environment room lights etc in the west.

With the absence of electricity or heat transmitted through the fiber optics, sensory fiber optics is the safest way to get light close to a person to touch and handle. Sensory fiber optics lighting kit provides dazzling effects with relaxing and calming benefits, which is widely used in hospitals, schools and therapy centers specially for treating people with learning difficulties, autism, and sensory processing disorders. The color change properties of sensory fiber optics is created by light source illuminator such as Metal Halide light source or LED light source. It is used to stimulate the minds of children helping them to identify the variety of colors.

We offer standard and customized sensory fiber optics products in various forms such as the LED Fiber Optic Carpet, LED Fiber Optic Cascade, Soft LED Fiber Optic Tunnel and many other designs that will fit perfectly in any sensory environment.

Technical Parameter:

Diameter of each fiber: 3x0.75mm side glow PMMA fiber optic lighting cable

Quantity of fiber cables included: 75pcs

Length of each fiber cable : 4M

Input voltage: AC 110~265V 50/60Hz

Light Color: RGB

Lifetime: Over 50,000 hours

Certification:CE ,Rohs, FCC

Weight: 0.65kg

Package included

1x 16w RGB light engine(other rated power available)

1x RF remote controller

1 x3* 0.75mm*75pcs*4m optic fiber lighting cable bundle


*Optic fiber light is a night lighting ideal light source, by using the theory of total reflection,

light transmission through optical fiber to people need light anywhere for lighting.

*Optical fiber safety, itself is not charged, not afraid of water, can suite many environment.

*Optical fiber small size, soft and flexible, easy to create and make whatever you want shape.

*Optical fiber long life, low maintenance workload.

*Optical fiber bright colors and beat rhythm, widely used to make curtain, screen, ceiling sky decoration.





Fiber Length




Waterfall Curtain Lighting Kit

Fiber Optic Sensory Lighting Kit


2.5 m




4.5 m




2.5 m




4.5 m




4.5 m




6.5 m




4.5 m




6.5 m

Remark: Custom fiber optic lighting kit with different fiber,cable,LED illuminator,end fittings acceptable.

How it Works

The star ceiling fiber optic PMMA Fiber Optics transmit light from an LED Fiber Optic Illuminator to your ceiling while a twinkle wheel (with alternating opaque and transparent sections) rotates in front of the LED inside the illuminator creating a mesmerizing twinkling effect at the other end of the fibers when desired.

How to Install?

Installing an LED fiber optic lighting system is possible to DIY with a few basic tools and a little bit of patience. Installation is easiest when you have direct ceiling access (such as from an attic space) as this is where the LED Fiber Optic Illuminator and fibers are stored. Read "How to Install an LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Kit" for directions and helpful tips for installation or download the complete installation PDF.

About Us:

Bones Industry Co., Ltd is the China largest factory & supplier of PMMA fiber optic lighting kits for star ceiling,starry pool lighting & waterfall curtain lighting etc. BIC's Star Ceiling Lighting Kits provide a complete solution for small and medium size star ceilings, floors, walls and pools. These fibre optic lihghting kits provide everything you need including an LED fiber optic illuminator, PMMA fiber optic and cables to complete installation instructions.